Tax-deferred Annuities

A tax-deferred annuity can allow an employee to make a contribution from their income into a retirement plan. These contributions might not be taxed until the employee makes a withdrawal. Depending on the annuity contract, an employer can also contribute to the plan, allowing the employee to enjoy the benefit of having additional tax-deferred funds accruing.

Reasonable and realistic planning can help you plan for your retirement. Patrick Financial Group, L.L.C., is available to consult with you and make suitable and responsible recommendations as to tax-deferred annuities.

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Tax Deferred Annuities:
  • Some employers plans may match a percentage of the amount you contribute
  • Participating in a company sponsored plan can be a convenient way to plan for retirement
  • Contributions can be made on a pre-tax basis, in turn, might reduce a participant’s tax obligation
  • Interest, dividends, and capital gains can accumulate on a tax-deferred basis