Wealth Preservation

Wealth preservation is a continuous process and should begin once one has accumulated a measurable asset base. Stated another way, the earlier the process begins, the better. As life advances and goals change, a plan should also change in concert with those goals and circumstances. Lack of sufficient planning can lead to financial burdens for you and your family. Though your estate might not be sizeable, you can still utilize tools, such as a will and trust created by a licensed attorney, to ease the burden of probating an estate.

Wealth preservation strategies are designed to help you reach your personal and family goals even after you have passed away. A proper strategy helps to pass your life’s work to those you have selected, and creates a legacy. Patrick Financial Group, L.L.C., can work as a valuable partner in helping to perpetuate that legacy.

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Wealth Preservation Strategy
  • Provides loved ones with a clear roadmap of your estate, once you’ve passed away
  • It can help to name guardians for minors, or special needs adults under your care
  • It can help with financial management for your family members or other survivors who need help with their finances
  • It will help you protect your most important assets